There are no quick fixes when it comes to retaining staff. When a member of your team comes to you and speaks of looking for a new job or tenders their resignation, a hurried salary increase will only keep them happy for a few months at best. And that may just start a production line of staff wanting an increase too.

The very best organisations in the world don’t get there by accident. Over the years we have worked within and worked with and benchmarked many of the key names within a huge variety of sectors and have learned a thing or two along the way.

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions and that can mean reducing headcount and regrouping. That’s never an easy decision or action and you may end up losing the wrong people. Maybe you are doing ‘OK’ but feel your business has plateaued and your key people feel stifled. Or it might be that you have spotted an opportunity but are unsure how to maximise on it. All bring with them a number of challenges where retention is integral to optimising the outcome. These are all good reasons to speak with a consultancy that has a history of success helping others in similar situations.

“More than just another Search Firm”

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